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    Parametric solutions for your clients

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    An innovative approach
    which may be an alternative to existing contracts, or an answer to unmet needs.

    A climate risk management strategy

    For an optimized customer risk management response

    A recognized fist class signature

    For a recognized risk taker guaranteed by first tier insurance and reinsurance companies

    Seasonal contracts

    Adapted to your clients’ needs

    A tailor-made solution

    To build a risk management strategy


    Your clients can choose ...

    • The parameters : Rain, Sun exposure, Wind, Temperature, Yields, Price, Quality criteria …
    • The insured capital : The surfaces you want to insure and the need for compensation …
    • The coverage period : A day, a week, a month …
    • The compensation : Margin loss, Turnover, Additional costs …

    … and thus protect their business against their specific risks . They can subscribe all year round, depending on their strategic decisions and on the progress of their crops.


    In a context of increased climate sensitivity…

    • Climate change induces an increase in frequency and in severity of unfavorable climate conditions, such as unusual precipitation or extreme temperatures.
    • Your practices are evolving and increasing your sensitivity to these accidents.

    …We bring you solutions.

    Examples of Meteo Protect parametric covers


    Protect your revenues against frost losses.

    Water stress

    Neutralize the financial risk of drought affecting your crops.

    Input deficiency

    Meteo Protect has all the expertise needed to build effective solutions.


    Examples of Meteo Protect parametric covers.

    Meteo Protect’s expertise

    Within the Cooper Gay Group, our specialist team combines insurer know-how with the specific technical expertise required to build parametric solutions for our business partners and clients.