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    Allowed as coverholder at lloyd’s

    Paris, France – October 18, 2017: Paris, France – October 18, 2017: Meteo Protect, European leader in weather risk management, has been accepted as Coverholder at Lloyd’s, a world-renowned insurance market for specialized risks. As such, Meteo Protect has authority to price, conclude and issue insurance policies on behalf of certain Lloyd’s unions. The Coverholder status of Meteo Protect allows it to join Lloyd’s global network of insurance and reinsurance specialists; Lloyd’s operates in more than 200 countries and territories.

    “We are extremely proud of this testimony of trust from Lloyd’s. The Coverholder status of Meteo Protect at Lloyd’s opens a wide range of opportunities to provide index insurance to all market players, “said Gabriel Gross, President of Meteo Protect. “The search for customized protection solutions by weather-sensitive companies has grown considerably, and Meteo Protect has responded to this demand. To this end, Meteo Protect has built privileged relationships with international risk management partners, including risk takers, financial institutions and agricultural cooperatives, and now has the option of placing them in risk classes. covered at Lloyd’s. ”

    “The Lloyd’s market is always seeking to innovate and provide insurance solutions that are linked to the needs of companies and organizations around the world. We are delighted that Meteo Protect is providing innovative solutions to the climate change issues at the Lloyd’s unions, “said Guy Antoine de la Rochefoucauld, Director for Lloyd’s in France. “Coverholder’s structure at Lloyd’s allows innovative companies such as Meteo Protect to bring new business ideas and expertise to the fore thanks to the significant financial support for which Lloyd’s is recognized. ”

    Meteo Protect is an agent and broker specializing in the establishment, pricing, research and management of parametric climate insurance for weather-sensitive companies, with a particular interest in the agricultural, agricultural and agricultural sectors. industry and energy. Meteo Protect’s white label underwriting and pricing platform, Vivaldi, enables insurance companies to provide fully automated and customized parametric financial solutions to their clients. This platform leverages SAP HANA® tools to build a fully customized insurance product covering any type of weather risk.

    With a presence on three continents, Meteo Protect is currently working with several local and global insurers, cooperatives and aggregators from the agricultural world to provide climate protection to their members or customers. Meteo Protect supports eight of the world’s 15 largest energy companies to help them reduce or even eliminate their exposure to volumetric risk and price.

    About Lloyd’s
    Lloyd’s is the world leader in specialized insurance and reinsurance. The know-how accumulated over the centuries makes Lloyd’s the pillar and future of the insurance world. Led by experienced insurers and brokers covering more than 200 territories, the Lloyd’s market offers the essential and innovative guarantees that accompany progress. Backed by diversified global capital and excellent financial ratings, Lloyd’s builds on an international network to grow insurance globally, giving businesses and communities the keys to building resilience and driving economic growth World.

    To learn more, visit the website : www.lloyds.com

    For Meteo Protect:
    Laura Hershey:
    : +33 (0)1 84 16 66 11

    About Meteo Protect
    Meteo Protect creates meteorological parametric insurance products to provide protection to businesses whose financial performance may be impacted by weather conditions. Insurance broker based in Paris and present in eight countries, Meteo Protect covers risks all around the world. Its solutions are approved and supported by the largest insurers and reinsurers in the market. Protect Weather has the status of Lloyd’s Coverholder, is registered with ORIAS and is a member of the CNCIF.

    Meteo Protect is a partner with financial institutions, agricultural cooperatives and associations, all leading. Meteo Protect primarily provides insurance companies with a generic electronic pricing and underwriting platform to create parametric insurance products for their clients. The covers are underwritten and managed by Meteo Protect and its award-winning Vivaldi platform, powered by SAP HANA technology and certified by SAP.

    Visit : www.meteoprotect.com and www.weatherandeconomics.com