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    In accordance with articles R. 520-1 and R. 520-2 of the Insurance Code, (specific to brokers) Art. 313-8, 318-10, 322-71-1, 325-12-1 and 325-47 AMF General Regulation and ACPR Recommendation 2016-R-02 of November 14, 2016, METEO PROTECT, Insurance Agent and Broker insurance and reinsurance, Financial Investment Advisor (CIF) and member of the CNCIF (association approved by the AMF) under the number ORIAS 12 005 366, has put in place a procedure for the reasonable and quick processing of the claims that address him its existing or potential customers.

    A claim is a statement of a client’s dissatisfaction with a professional; a request for service or delivery, a request for information, clarification or a request for an opinion is not a claim.

    Any complaint can be addressed to the company by completing this form. In this context and in case of complaint, METEO PROTECT will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 10 working days and undertakes to process it within 60 days unless special circumstances for extension communicated to the customer.

    When the claim involves exclusively the insurer or the reinsurer, METEO PROTECT addresses it to the company (s) concerned (s) who will take charge of the entire processing of the claim according to the complaint management procedure which is their own.

    In the event of a claim involving exclusively METEO PROTECT as a broker or agent, the company will implement its internal procedure.


    In accordance with our General Conditions of Use, the parties agree to, and expressly undertake to, first attempt to resolve their dispute amicably and in case of failure of direct talks, to resort, prior to any legal proceeding and to penalty of inadmissibility, to mediation.

    If you are a professional mediation will be conducted under the aegis and according to the rules of procedure of the CMAP (Center of Mediation and Arbitration of Paris – CCI of PARIS), seized at the request of the most diligent party.

    If you are an individual and the dispute persists after direct exchanges, pursuant to Article L 156-1 and Book VI of the Consumer Code, the mediator below is competent, prior to any legal action and under penalty inadmissibility of the application, to intervene on any dispute that could not be settled in the context of a prior complaint directly to the services of METEO PROTECT.

    TSA 50110
    75441 Paris Cedex 09
    Either by Internet: www.mediation-assurance.org

    Website: https://acpr.banque-france.fr
    Tel: + (33) 01 42 9242 92
    Address :
    1 street of La Vrillière,
    75001 Paris

    The Ombudsman will give an opinion within 3 months upon receipt of the complete file. His opinion is not binding and will leave the Insured free to appeal to the competent court.

    Address of ACPR

    4 Budapest Square
    CS 92459
    75436 PARIS Cedex 09

    The activities of METEO PROTECT are regulated by the Insurance Code, the Laws and Decrees and Orders related thereto, under the control of the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority.