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    An insurance against frost

    Parametric insurance: an ultra-customizable solution to help farmers protect themselves against the financial risks of frost.


    Example: Spring frost on vines

    During Spring, orchards and vineyards are particularly sensitive to temperature drops. Parametric insurance offers a simple and efficient solution: Meteo Protect’s products indemnifies wine growers and fruit growers when the temperature exceeds a predefined threshold.

    In 2017, Spring frost episodes affected almost all French vineyards.

    Parametric insurance in practice

    Meteo Protect covers Wholesalers and Wine-growers when the temperature exceeds a temperature threshold set in advance.

    The client can choose :

    • The coverage period
    • The critical temperature threshold (in Celsius )
    • The compensation per critical day (in euros)
    • The surface to cover (in square kilometers)
    • The compensation terms

    The premium amount will depend on these parameters


    How does it work?

    The client can choose :

    • The only criterion for triggering insurance is the weather index
    • Once the claim is declared, Meteo Protect usually pays in 15 days
    • No expert to wait, no harvest declaration to transmit

    Option : Protection against hail risks

    Since 2018, Meteo Protect offers with one of its partners a hail insurance coupled with a Frost insurance. This insurance contract allows farmers to protect themselves against several risks, through a coordinated and single solution.


    Do you have a weather risk to cover ?

    Contact us and you will be put in touch with one of our partners


    Are you a broker ?

    Propose an original solution to your clients. Meteo Protect insurances meet the needs of the agricultural sector professionals.



    About us

    Meteo Protect provides insurance and reinsurance solutions through the largest team exclusively dedicated to the financial management of weather risk in Europe.

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