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    A customizable insurance against Drought

    Parametric insurance: a tailored solution which help farmers to offset the risk of drought on their crops.


    Developing the optimal coverage by adapting to specific risks

    Dry weather conditions between mid-August and mid-September can have a non-negligible impact on crops.

    To prevent a drop in revenue or to guarantee the possibility of re-sowing the next year, Meteo Protect has developed an insurance solution fitted to the specificities of each farm.

    Parametric insurance in practice

    Meteo Protect’s insurance policies compensate farmers when cumulative rainfall exceeds a threshold set in advance.

    The client can choose:

    • The coverage period
    • The critical temperature threshold (in Celsius)
    • The compensation per critical day (in euros)
    • The indemnity limit (in euros)
    • The compensation terms

    The premium amount will depend on these parameters


    How does it work?

    At the end of the coverage period :

    • The only criteria that triggers the insurance is the weather index
    • Meteo Protect calculates the pay-out, which is triggered within 15 days
    • No expert or harvest declaration are required in order to receive the compensation

    Do you have a weather risk to cover ?

    Contact us and you will be put in touch with one of our partners


    Are you a broker ?

    Provide your clients with an innovative solution customized to their specific needs.



    Who are we ?

    Within the Cooper Gay Group, leading wholesale pan-European Managing General Agent (MGA), the Meteo Protect team is exclusively dedicated to the financial management of weather related risks and the development of parametric solutions.

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