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    Parametric solutions for your clients

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    Meteo Protect offers solutions
    for each stage of the value chain :

    Model and pricing

    From a proprietary database and models inclusive of issues related to climate change, Meteo Protect offers real-time exposure assessment and contract pricing.


    Through historical partnerships with top-level reinsurers, Meteo Protect can provide risk outsourcing via reinsurance solutions.

    A digital interface customized to your brand

    Bring a fully digitized experience to your clients, through integrated APIs or through a brand-customized platform. This interface enables insurance simulations, contract subscription, as well as the payment of the pay-out with automated procedures.


    Advantages of Meteo Protect policies

    • An innovative approach It can be an alternative to existing contracts as well as a response to unmet needs
    • Simple and efficient processes Entirely digital customer experience
    • An objective index Measured by data provided by trusted third parties
    • Reduced operating costs Due to the digitization of exchanges

    In a context of increased climate sensitivity…

    • Climate change induces an increase in frequency and in severity of unfavorable climate conditions, such as unusual precipitation or extreme temperatures.
    • Your practices are evolving and increasing your sensitivity to these accidents.

    …we bring you solutions

    Examples of Meteo Protect parametric covers


    Protect your revenues against frost losses.

    Water stress

    Neutralize the financial risk of drought affecting your crops.

    Input deficiency

    Meteo Protect has all the expertise needed to build effective solutions.


    Examples of Meteo Protect parametric covers.

    Meteo Protect’s expertise

    Within the Cooper Gay Group, our specialist team combines insurer know-how with the specific technical expertise required to build parametric solutions for our business partners and clients.