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    Legal notices


    Meteo Protect is a brand of the Cooper Gay Group.

    Cooper Gay is a SAS registered company (No. 449472240) in France, 71-73, Avenue des Champs Elysées 75008 Paris. Cooper Gay SAS with a paid up capital € 93.750 is regulated and controlled by (ACPR) 4 Place de Budapest – CS 92459 -75436 Paris Cedex 09 – France. ORIAS registration number: 07002766.


    This site is published by:

    Publication Director : Monsieur Gabriel GROSS
    The hosting provider of the site is : AWS.AMAZON Amazon Web Service EMEA SARL , 38 Avenue du Président Kennedy – L 1855 Luxembourg
    Credit photos, videos, illustrations and iconography: Unsplash
    Webdesign : Lucie Vallée
    Development website : Steven DIAI, Webmaster



    These terms and conditions of use (UGC) define the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of the use of the Site. The Visitor of the Site (hereinafter the “Visitor (s)”) declares to have read and accepted without reservation the rights and obligations relating thereto. Cooper Gay reserves the right to modify the present general conditions of use and will then signal it on the home page of its site. Visitors who do not wish their relationship with the Site to be governed by this new version must inform the publisher of the Site in writing within 15 days of the posting of the new version and must stop using the website. Site. Otherwise, they will be bound by the terms of the new version. In the event that any of the stipulations of the general conditions of use would be considered illegal or unenforceable by a court decision, the other stipulations will remain in force.


    In accordance with RGDP n ° 2016/679 and the French regulation, Cooper Gay takes great care in the processing and protection of personal data of Site Visitors. All information on this subject is available in the Personal Data Protection Policy accessible via this link.


    The Site and each of the elements that compose it, including texts, articles, newsletters, brochures, plans, cloud keywords, images, illustrations, photographs, databases, software, source codes, brands, domain names (hereinafter Intellectual Property Elements) are protected by intellectual property laws.

    Total or partial reproduction of the Intellectual Property Elements is prohibited.

    The user is only authorized to represent the pages of the Site on his screen and is authorized to reproduce the Intellectual Property Elements of the Site only temporarily for the purpose of consulting the Site.

    The user is authorized to download and reproduce in a sustainable manner, in any medium, only the Site’s own publications, and in particular the information accessible from the “Blog” section of the Site, provided that such reproduction or representation is made for strictly personal, private and non-commercial purposes. The user is prohibited from communicating these publications to third parties, including by email and by making available from a website or a server.

    The user is authorized to make short quotations of the Site, provided that it is stated in an apparent way: the origin of the document (ie “extract from the website of Cooper Gay SAS”) the title of the cited document or the cited page, the name of the author if known, the date of the document if it is known.


    All data, information and publications accessible, represented or downloadable from the Site are not exhaustive, are provided for informational purposes only and can in no way be considered as having contractual value.


    Cooper Gay will in no way be held responsible for the content accessible from the hypertext links published on the Site or downloadable files from the Site or sites accessible from the hypertext links published on the Site, or their possible unavailability.

    The creation and publication of a hypertext link to one of the pages of the Site are authorized, subject to the prior and express agreement of Cooper Gay.


    The use of the Site implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet, and translations of the Site in languages other than French and especially those relating to technical performance, response times to consult, query or transfer information, and to the risks inherent in any connection and transmission over the Internet.

    • Consequently, Cooper Gay cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use by any user of data, information or publications accessible or downloadable from the Site, in particular and without this list being exhaustive:
    • operating losses or information, resulting from possible malfunctions, failures, delays or interruptions of access to the Internet;
    • the transmission and / or reception of any data and / or information on the Internet;
    • consequences of any virus, computer bug, anomaly, technical failure;
    • the failure of any receiving equipment or communication lines;
    • the loss of any email and, more generally, the loss of any data;
    • any damage to the computer, PDA or smartphone etc. an Internet user who connects to the Site;
    • any technical, hardware or software failure of any kind that has prevented or limited the possibility of using the Site or having damaged the system of a user who connects to the Site;
    • any obvious failure or error (including technical, hardware, software, price display, translation etc …) of any nature, having prevented or limited the
    • possibility of using the Site or having misled a user who is connects to the Site;
    • indirect and immaterial damages.

    It is the responsibility of any Internet user to take all appropriate measures to: (i) protect his own data and / or software stored on the computer equipment he connects to the Site, against any infringement (ii) be able to assess whether there is a manifest error in the information displayed on the Site (by sending an email to support@meteoprotect.com) so that any useful checks can be made, if necessary to correct the erroneous information.

    The responsibility of Cooper Gaycan be engaged only for facts which would be directly and exclusively attributable to it and which would cause a direct material damage to the Visitor.

    By using the Site, the Visitor declares that he is fully aware of the characteristics and constraints of the Internet, that he is solely responsible for the use he makes of the Service.

    The Visitor undertakes, on first request, including in the event of a non-final court decision, to indemnify and compensate Cooper Gay for any damage, loss, loss of profits, complaint, liability and costs, including the fees and costs of consulting that Cooper Gay should be made to bear if its responsibility was engaged by a third party, because of a claim or an action related to this use of the Service by the user.

    Visitors are informed that Cooper Gay may / must communicate all information relating to them, including registered, to the competent authorities responsible for the repression of fraud and offenses.


    You acknowledge that it is technically impossible to provide the Site free from any defects and that Cooper Gay cannot commit to it; that defects can lead to the temporary unavailability of the site; and that the operation of the Site may be affected by events and / or elements that Cooper Gay does not control, such as, for example, means of transmission and communication between the Visitor and Cooper Gay. Cooper Gay may, at any time, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, all or part of the Site to perform maintenance operations and / or make improvements and / or changes to the site. Cooper Gay is not responsible for any modification, suspension or interruption of the Site.


    These Terms are subject to French law.

    In the event of a dispute, the parties agree to and expressly undertake to attempt in advance to resolve their disagreement amicably and in case of failure of direct talks, to resort, prior to any judicial proceedings and under penalty of inadmissibility, to mediation. For disputes between professionals, the mediation will be conducted under the aegis and according to the rules of the CMAP (Paris Mediation and Arbitration Center – CCI PARIS), seized at the request of the most diligent party. For disputes with a consumer, the relevant mediation body is referenced on the Complaints page of the Site.
    In case of non-successful completion of the mediation process, only the French courts will be competent to hear the dispute.