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    Parametric Insurance

    How does it work?

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    An insurance fitted to your activity …

    An index-based weather insurance

    is triggered when the index exceeds a predefined value

    The index

    can be a temperature threshold, rainfall levels, sunshine exposure, wind speed, or any other weather variable or combination of variables composing the weather risk. Other indexes are available on request.

    The cover

    is designed to compensate exactly or partially the losses incurred through adverse weather conditions.

    The pay-out can be set when the weather index exceeds a predefined value, or progressive if the losses caused by the weather increase in line with the index value.


    To protect you against the risks that affect you.

    • 1. Choice of the index : Meteo Protect helps you choose the most relevant weather index
    • 2. Coverage Creation : Meteo Protect sets up the associated insurance policy
    • 3. Weather Report : Based on certified weather observations, the weather report establishes the final value of the index
    • 4. Payment : In case of damages, the pay-out is triggered automatically

    You can choose …

    • The parameters : Rain, Sun exposure, Wind, Temperature, Yields, Price, Quality criteria …
    • The insured capital : The surfaces you want to insure and the need for compensation.
    • The coverage period : A day, a week, a month ….
    • The compensation : Margin loss, Turnover, Additional costs …

    In case of loss, and when the value of the index triggers the pay-out, no expertise is required, a simple declaration is sufficient.

    Examples of Meteo Protect index covers


    Protect your revenues against frost losses.

    Water stress

    Neutralize the financial risk of drought affecting your crops.

    Input deficiency

    Meteo Protect has all the expertise needed to build effective solutions.


    Examples of Meteo Protect parametric covers.

    Meteo Protect’s expertise

    Within the Cooper Gay Group, our specialist team combines insurer know-how with the specific technical expertise required to build parametric solutions for our business partners and clients.