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  • Highly customized parametric insurance solutions

    Parametric insurance to cover any climate-related risk

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    What are the advantages of purchasing
    Meteo Protect’s parametric insurance?


    Insurance based on meteorological parameters (temperature, rain …) in order to create a custom-made product, so that each customer can be insured against all the risks associated to their specific situation.


    Policies can be bought all year long and up to 15 days before the coverage period, in order  to match the changes in cultural cycles or account for previously abnormal weather.


    In the event of a disaster, pay-out is automatic and simplified. No need for an expert to come, no need to communicate a harvest report, the payout is automatically wired if a claim is filed when the cover’s trigger is reached.


    Online tools to simulate the cover management, identify the most relevant parameters and to subscribe a policy.

    What are the advantages of selling
    Meteo Protect’s parametric insurance?


    An original solution to climate change induced issues. An efficient solution to reduce the impact of climate risks.


    A protection against risks that are not covered by traditional policies (i.e. organic farming, new crops).


    Digital tools enabling a more fluid and efficient customer experience, and minimizing transaction cost.


    Meteo Protect is an approved  Lloyd’s Coverholder and is thus able to provide a top-quality service to brokers and insurers, whether as insurance products or reinsurance.

    Meteo Protect

    • Parametric insurance expert specializing in solutions against meteorological risks
    • Largest team exclusively dedicated to meteorological risks in Europe
    • SAP certified, using SAP HANA tech, member of SAP Startup Focus Program
    • Lloyd’s Coverholder
    • More than 300 insurance products off-the-shelf
    • Clients in more than 9 countries