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Meteo Protect is engaged in technical and commercial partnerships with the main players in the insurance business to provide weather risk management solutions


We build partnerships with insurance brokers who then pass our solutions onto their weather-sensitive clients.

We offer you two options based on the resources you wish to allocate to the commercial development of these new solutions.

The Reseller program

Become a reseller of Meteo Protect solutions

The Business program

Bring us business

Our committments

  • Processing cases quickly
  • Optimizing your scouting and pre-sales costs
  • Building a long-term relationship
  • Sharing revenues in a motivating way

Your benefits

  • Show your difference and propose innovative solutions
  • Strengthen the relationships with your existing clients
  • Generate additional revenue

They are our

The top names in French insurance brokerage have already joined our Partner program.

Verspieren, Gras Savoye and Gramaglia offer our products to the medium to large corporate world.

Unison Insurance is Meteo Protect's representative, distributing our solutions in India.

The Reseller Program

Meteo Protect has designed the RESELLER PROGRAM for insurance brokers who wish to include weather risk management in their services offer.

The partnership entails your full commitment in terms of human resources, customer approach, and promotion.

Meteo Protect will support you throughout the sales process to help you generate business quickly, hence bring added value to your clients.

Who does what

  • You deal with customer approach and relationship management
  • Together, we take on the consulting phases
  • We deal with the contract structure

The Reseller Program Pack



Full initial training of your sales teams


Support or participation in your marketing activities


Take advantage of Meteo Protect's reputation in the media, professional events, and trade shows


The supporting presence of a Meteo Protect expert when you need it

The Business Program

This program is designed for brokers who do not wish to invest specific resources in the development of a weather risk management offer, but nevertheless wish to play a role in bringing business.

Who does what

  • You introduce us to the prospect
  • We handle the whole process

Insurance companies

Meteo Protect offers insurance companies products that complement the existing P&C or specialty corporate solutions.

The index-based products Meteo Protect offers are designed to safeguard revenues by shielding companies from revenue losses or excess costs resulting from adverse weather conditions.

Meteo Protect offers insurance companies specific index-based insurance products.

Risks portfolio

Many portfolios contain a risk component linked to weather hazards.

Meteo Protect segregates the weather component, calculates the risk of losses in the portfolio, and designs financial transfer solutions to extract the share of risks resulting from adverse weather conditions.

Reinsurance companies

As an insurance and reinsurance broker, Meteo Protect works closely with reinsurers for the origination and analysis of the clients' demands.

We also typically handle risk analysis or pre-analysis, risk-pricing, drafting, treating, and manage the contract life cycle, both for facultative or treaty reinsurance.