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Meteo Protect operates world-wide and develops the solution that protects you from adverse weather conditions.

Whether a one-time event or a risk that spreads over several days, months, quarters, seasons, or years, regardless of the situation, Meteo Protect provides the climate solution best suited to your management and profitability goals.

Risks covered

  • Drop in sales or profits
  • Increase in production costs or the cost price
  • Earnings volatility
  • Drop in consumption
  • Drop in visitors
  • Cancellation
  • Etc.
Consumer goods
Specialty retail market
Textile and clothing

Weather indices

Weather stations measure numerous parameters continuously or at fixed times during the day.

These measures are then used to identify those parameters that most directly affect your operations and to develop the weather index the hedging contract is based on.

The most common indices use the mean, minimum or maximum, deviation from the mean, deviation from a specific reference, or the aggregate.

Rainfall and snow
River flows
Cloud cover

Practical steps

Defining the risk

The weather-sensitivity analysis determines precisely the weather risk threatening your operations. It will identify the weather variables exerting the most influence, pinpoint the most at-risk periods, and draw up the relationship between weather and finance.

The analysis is unnecessary when the risk is simple and direct. In addition, Meteo Protect uses a weather-related economics database that brings together the weather-sensitivity profiles for all business sectors.

For any other situation, Meteo Protect will use your data to assess the potential cost to you of adverse weather conditions.

Selecting the cover

When the weather risk profile is determined, Meteo Protect helps you select the parameters of the financial cover in line with your management and profitability goals: hedging period, compensation formula, and triggering threshold.

Meteo Protect then offers you a range of total or partial insurance packages and participatory packages that protect you in the event of adverse weather conditions and limit your gains in the event of clement conditions.

Our teams will gladly provide any additional information on our range of products.

Application examples

Loss of revenue and/or profits, costs of raw materials, supply issues...
Specialty retail market
Loss of revenue and/or profits, issues regarding supply, delivery, access to points of sale (winter service), stimulating the network of distributors, etc.
Drop in visitors caused by adverse weather conditions, flooded camping sites, floods preventing river navigation, etc.
Construction, mining
Work stoppage on site, equipment downtime, extra costs, penalties for delay, etc.
Impassable roads, cancelled flights, snow clearing and road maintenance costs, profitability of motorway concessions, etc.
Textiles and clothing
Loss of revenue and/or profits, stock turnaround time, etc.