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Distribution & transport

Temperature variations are the main cause of energy consumption variations.
In France, temperature variations account for 85% of the energy consumption variations in winter and 63% in summer. Depending on seasons and energy sources, the variations will occur on different scales and at different times.

For distributors, the net sales variation can exceed 30% in case of particularly adverse conditions : a warm winter for a gas distributor or a cool summer for urban cooling networks.

Meteo Protect offers solutions adapted to all the issues, based on various weather variables : HDD/CDD indices, mean, maximum or minimum temperatures, difference between observed and normal temperatures, total temperatures, effective temperatures, reference temperature, heating or cooling demand, etc. These solutions are designed to protect the sector stakeholders from :

  • A drop in sales or profits
  • Exposure to fixed price/volumes
  • Additional electricity production costs during peak periods
  • Overspending in relation to subscribed power
  • Electricity overconsumption
  • Stock devaluation
  • Etc.

Renewable energies

Energy production, particularly renewable energy production, is highly weather sensitive.
The production of renewable energies is closely linked to the weather factor producing them.


Average wind speed variations are the main factor influencing production. Variations account for 95% of the overall production risks, for a 20% financial impact in certain regions.

Meteo Protect has designed a financial cover for the interannual risk of wind intermittency.

The contract is based on an index linking production to wind speed and direction, and specifies a guaranteed capacity of wind energy. The policyholder's compensation depends on the gap between the real capacity and the guaranteed level. The capacity is calculated from data obtained from weather stations, weather models, or a specific method of downscaling Meteo Protect has developed.

The weather data are always obtained from an independent provider.


Hydroelectric power plants produce energy from reservoirs or river flows, both dependent on rainfall and snowfall levels. The interannual flow variability (hence, of operators’ income) may exceed 50%.

Meteo Protect obtains data from a grid of 2,400 stations providing the flow or gauge measurements of rivers. The closest hydro station provides the flow data on which the installation cover is based.


Meteo Protect has designed a financial cover for the interannual risk of sunshine intermittency.
The contract is based on data from satellites and/or weather stations in terms of the geographic location and the modeling method used.


The consumers' risk corresponds to the distributors'.

Energy expenses may significantly increase in the event of adverse weather conditions: a particularly severe winter (2012) for heating or a summer heat wave (2003) for air-conditioning.

Meteo Protect has designed specific solutions to reduce variability and make these costs more visible to private asset managers, associations, point-of-sale networks, service agencies, data-centers, etc.